Code of conduct

The interpreter endorses the WeTolk Code of Conduct

Each interpreter that is offering his services through WeTolk endorses the Code of Conduct of WeTolk and acts accordingly.

Interpreters endorse the Code of Conduct of WeTolk

WeTolk Code of Conduct

1. The interpreter is of good character and trustworthy.

2. The interpreter will observe strict confidentiality regarding all matters which he gets to hear in his role of interpreter.

3. The interpreter will accept only these orders for which he has the required knowledge and skills. The interpreter is aware of the great responsibility that the task of interpreting entails. He shall promptly notify the client if he is unfit to perform adequately .

4. The interpreter maintains his own knowledge and skills in his field.

5. The interpreter takes a neutral position during the conversation and he will do the conversation behalf or in place of one of the parties. The interpreter ensures that the professional relationship is maintained.

6. The interpreter is fully responsible for the quality of his work.

7. The interpreter performs the work in person, unless otherwise agreed.

8. The interpreter shall refrain from any form of unworthy behaviour and unworthy competition.

9. In case of a conflict or disagreement between the client and the the interpreter WeTolk can be asked to mediate.

10. If WeTolk has indications that an interpreter does not comply with the Code of Conduct WeTolk may remove him from the WeTolk interpreter base.