Who is invoicing who?

WeTolk charge the communication costs to you as interpreter or agency. You invoice these costs and your own costs to the customer. Who therefore has a single point of contact, simple and clear.

Communication costs

Your phone call is a conference call with three participants. For this we charge ¥ 2600 per hour. For extra participants (if applicable) ¥ 640 per participants per hour will be charged. Billing will take place based on actually used minutes.

If you use Dial-out a surcharge may be charged. If this is the case and the height of the tariff depends on the destination. Enter a phone number in the box below and find out what surcharge applies.

Phone number:

Example calculation

Take a look at the example calculations as made for end users. These include interpreter costs.

Note: all rates quoted on this website do not include VAT.

WeTolk - Together we are stronger

1 + 1 = 3

Except the communication costs that you can pass to your customer WeTolk does not charge anything. The idea is that you and we are business partners who together have more to offer than any of us individually.

WeTolk helps with invoicing

WeTolk helps you (if you want) to create a detailed invoice. Per session you can download an invoice template that you can customize to your own preferences. Whether or not you use this free service is up to you. You are free to create your own invoices.

Debit risk

The fact that you are charging the communication cost to the customer does not mean that the collection risk for that part of the bill is for you. If your invoice is uncollectible, for example because the customer is bankrupt, you will receive a credit invoice for the telecommunication costs of that session.